Glam Up Your Home For The Holiday

Do you sense the light and joyous Holiday Spirit fill the air? It’s that exciting time of the year again! Before the holiday rush officially begins, spruce up your home with luxurious pieces that embody the glam merriment of the season.

While we like to sprinkle seasonal decors in our home, it’s also becoming a trend to invest in items that feel and look special even beyond the holidays. Versatile and artful pieces are in! Fashionable home accessories like candles, lanterns, vases and sculptural objects are great to incorporate into our interior for some holiday flair.

How To Glam Up Your Home For The Holiday

Go For White And Gold Palette. This color scheme instantly creates a dreamy, festive mood while still being stylish throughout the year. The Maharaja wine cooler makes your holiday party feel like a royal banquet.

Incorporate Pops Of Color. Nothing evokes the high spirits of this season more than some surprising pops of color. You’ll never go wrong with classic bright red and blue.

Add Dramatic Lighting. Lanterns and candles have been one of traditional holiday essentials. Adding sparks and glow make any room look more cozy and ready for a glamorous celebration. How about a candle-lit holiday dinner with Livia or Gallions candle holders? Make this season more romantic with some elegant lighting.

These are just some of the ways you can prepare your home for the holiday and be the gracious, elegant host for your loved ones. Enjoy exploring our Holiday Shop Collection!