Elegant Bookcases For Luxurious Interior Design
A staple storage unit for every setting, bookshelves have also been gaining popularity as an effortlessly chic way to style a space. This piece of furniture is versatile and offers a myriad of ways to keep stylish.

We are committed to bringing distinctive furniture that will elevate the look of your interior projects. This month of love, celebrate by refreshing your space with the elegant Bookcases Collection. Show off your sentimental items in this modern shelves designed by Eichholtz

3 Effortless Ways To Style Your Bookcases

1. Choose A Bookshelf That Best Matches Your Style. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a bookcase like the size of your space and the materials that you prefer. If you’re into sleek modern aesthetic, you’ll love the Lagonda bookshelf by Eichholtz which features multi-layered geometric shelves made with glass and framed in polished steel. The Malibu bookcase by OROA brings a more classic mood with wooden shelves and drawers.

2. Establish A Focal Point. Beautifully designed bookcases can be a room’s focal piece in itself like the glamorous Florence and Avenue Montaigne cabinets by Eichholtz. You can elevate it by choosing grounding pieces to build your look around but make sure you don't overdo it. The rule of thumb is to arrange decorative items in groups of three, especially if they differ in height, size, and/or texture.

3. Make it Personal. Your bookcase brings an opportunity to show off the things you love! Display your favorite books or, photos, a keepsake from exotic island or an antique vase from a loved one. Fill it with stories that are both visually pleasing and heart warming. 

Spruce up your space with these smart and elegant bookcases: