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The tones and colors that will rule the interior design world this year radiates tranquility, warmth and optimism. The era of all-white rooms is over; this year experts forecast a happy rainbow-colored rebirth as we come out of three years of anxiety. These fashionable yet timeless hues will continue to appear fresh for many years.

EICHHOLTZ is renowned for curating the most luxurious furniture, lighting and décor. Explore Our signature luxury pieces as they present the Top 7 colors of 2023 Collection where you can find fabulous gems for your interior project.

7 Color Trends of 2023

1.Emerald Green. This color gives a modern twist to classic designs and serves as a fresh neutral anchor for the majority of indoor areas. Expect to see more nature-inspired greens that complement wood and other natural components well. This hue has a calming effect that helps us refocus and heal our thoughts. It encourages a home that feels connected with the outside world.
2. Cherry Pink. This stunning color is the epitome of warm, chic, and romantic that designers predict will be more in demand in 2023. It offers a message about love, adventure, and the value of self-care.
3. Sunshine Yellow. To create a playful retro vibe, there will be pops of color in yellow or mustard. These shades maintain a cheerful vibe and inspire joy as we spend more time at home. Yellows go nicely with textural accents, opulent fabrics, and other interior design trends.
4. Earth Brown. A spectrum of browns will have a big moment this year as more people desire to bring the outside in. These versatile colors offer grounding and healing effects of nature. Earthy tones like browns, beige and taupe are quickly becoming the new neutral evoking a cozier lifestyle. 
5. Cornflower Blue. In a hectic world, all we want is calm. Shades of powdery blues evoke comfort softness and balance. It promotes a restful environment and helps soothe out mental and physical well-being.
6. Dusty Lavender. This serene, chic and elegant color is making a noise this year. It kindles your creativity and sense of optimism as it creates a calming atmosphere. Ranging from soft lilac to daring plum, this shade will be everywhere in the design industry.
7. Vibrant Orange. Give your home a reinvigorating twist with this fiery color. Splash some accent décor or furnishings in tangerine finish for some much-needed energy boost.