Shiny Metallics For Elegant Interior
If elegance is embodied into a design element, it would be in the form of shiny metallics. It has been one of the most sought-after interior trends for some time now. These lustrous accents have a bewitching quality, and they are amazingly easy to mix with almost any interior design. Gold, rose gold, brass and copper lend a room a warmer and shinier vibe as they softly reflect light.

 Everything metallic from furniture to interior accessories are personally handpicked by our designers to ensure that whatever you choose is fashioned to maintain a sense of elegance in your abode.

How To Elegantly Incorporate Metallics In Your Interior

1. Go Subtle. 
If you’re feeling a little intimidated with all the glitz and glam, then adding just some delicately elusive sheen in your space is the best route for you. You wouldn’t go wrong with the Dimitrios Dresser.

There are plenty of ways to hop on the shiny metallics bandwagon while being low-key. Check out the lovely Callas Rock Bowl. These decorative pieces offer just the right luster that even full-blown minimalists would find hard to resist.

2. Go All Out. 
You’re not the type to shy away from the ultimate wow factor. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to spruce up your space with glittering aesthetics! Since you’re going all out, why not use a combination of metals? Using multiple tones can create flamboyant spaces.

Antique brass textures like the Colibri Coffee Table and Veracruz Stool  anchor the space with flair, while gold accents like the Palmer Coffee Table or Morris Console Table provide a dramatic visual impression. In any case, keep the theatrics in check with simple decors and solid-colored walls.

3. Glow Brighter. 
Metallics naturally radiate light so choosing the perfect lighting and lamps is an excellent method to introduce the shiny metallics trend into a space. OROA offers a luxurious selection of lighting and chandeliers with gold, brass or bronze accents.

This Le Marais Chandelier or Nerano Ceiling Lamp  can be a great focal point of your living room. The Luigi Table Lamp uses marble and gilded metal, lending the room a highly elegant vibe.

There are myriads of methods to dress up your spaces with luxe finishes. The key is to carefully choose elegant metallic pieces with timeless design and superior quality.